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Promohauz-NY is a promotions, publicity & booking firm. We represent prominent stars and emerging talent in Jazz, Brazilian, African and Pop music, as well as Spoken Word artists. Special gems in the theater and film/photo realms are also part of our roster.

Promohauz-NY is dedicated to handpicking musical stories and the talent behind them, and doing our best to connect them worldwide to peer artists and to all audiences, thereby all together sharing arts without frontiers.

Our most talented stars include the great Nato Lima of Los Indios Tabajaras, Ms. LaLa Brooks, the incomparable Seleno Clarke, as well as rising-stars Jo Black Sekou and Patricia Talem. We hope you enjoy reading their stories and are ready to support their unique sounds by securing them for live performance.

Please contact us for Bookings, Press and Promo Appearance requests at promohauzny@gmail.com

NATO LIMA - LOS INDIOS TABAJARAS (6/22/1918 ~ 11/15/2009)



November 15, 2009

The great Brazilian guitarist NATO LIMA of LOS INDIOS TABAJARAS has passed today, Sunday, November 15, 2009 at 1:20PM of stomach cancer at Katerina Nursing Home in New York City. He was 91 years old. Family, friends, fellow musicians and his fans are collectively praying for his soul and sending condolences and donations to his surviving wife, Mrs. Michiko Lima.

NATO LIMA was the surviving member of the world-famous guitar duo Los Indios Tabajaras, who left an enourmous legacy of music. He was responsible for drawing worldwide popularity to the South American classical acoustic guitar, paving the way for countless musicians. Over the last 50 years, along with his brother Antenor, he made over 70 albums for RCA and was interviewed by Johnny Carson at least 35 times. Among his devoted fans, who considered him a major inspiration were Amanda Cooke, Carlos Santana, John McClellan, the Assad Brothers and the Abreu Duet.

Since 1943, the Brazilian guitar duo Los Indios Tabajaras maintained a standard of excellence that earned them respect as world class instrumentalists. Comprised of two Tabajaras indian brothers, Antenor Lima (Herundi) and Natalicio “Nato” Lima (Muçapere), this duo recorded extensively in Nashville, Tennessee with fellow guitar virtuoso Chet Atkins and the late country music giant, Don Gibson. Los Indios Tabajaras are best known for their 1964 single Always In My Heart, the 1962 monster hit Maria Elena and the unforgettable Amapola.

For the past 20 years, Brazilian guitarist CALEBE PIMENTEL has been Nato's constant company, as an understudy, assistant and more than a son, in Calebe's words: "Nato has been more than a musical mentor, and a guiding light; he was a giving and caring soul".

His double vibrato and self-taught accuracy, spirit and sleek challenges of the highest bpms with hitting every note, shall mark the highest marks of guitar-playing forever.

Rest in peace Nato Lima.

To assist the very frail Mrs. Lima, who is also battling her own fight with cancer, please let us assis with medical and funeral costs by directing correspondence to:

Mrs. Michiko Lima
345 West 58th Street, Apt. 14A
New York, NY 10019

Donations may also be deposited into Michiko Lima’s account:

Citibank N.A., Columbus Circle BranchAcct# 65997534, Routing number: 021000089

or sent through her PAYPAL account:

A memorial service and fundraiser concert is being arranged and everyone will be notified of the date, time and location as soon as that information is confirmed with his representatives.

Mrs. Michiko Lima is asking for our prayers, encouragement and assistance to meet medical and funeral expenses, and is sincerely grateful to everyone showing support at this difficult time.

Avery Fisher Hall - NYC - Oct 2, 2009

Avery Fisher Hall - NYC - Oct 2, 2009
Dave Brubeck + Joao Carlos Martins





PATRICIA TALEM belongs to a new generation of Brazilian musical talent and grew up surrounded by music and dance. Her new self-titled CD, produced by Grammy winner Marco da Costa and Sandro Albert, had he participation of top names in Brazil and the US, such as Russell Ferrante and Jimmy Haslip of the Yellowjackets with Sandro Albert on guitar and many guest singers as Elder Costa, Arnold McCuller, accordion player Caçulinha, saxophonists Katisse Buckingham and Keco Brandão.

Her choice of repertoire reflects her soulful state of mind as she touches on themes like grassroots, sexuality, love and pop culture. Displaying such an array of Brazilian composers from Chico Buarque, Flavio Venturini, Keko Brandão, Vinicius Cantuária, Rita Lee and Roberto de Carvalho, the CD also features one track in English composed by Canadian Ron Sexsmith and sung in duet with Arnold McCullen.

Her attractive and intuitive voice that impresses us with a clear notion of what she wants to get across: balancing musical sophistication with pop spirit. She is a singer of surprising talent eager to entertain audiences with her fresh vocalization infused with her passion for singing challenging and piercing melodies.

135 west 29th street, #1200
new york, ny 10001 646.473.0378

for immediate release


1o. de Julho – ZINC BAR, New York
2 de Julho – THE IRIDIUM, New York
10 e 11 de Julho – TEMECULA JAZZ FESTIVAL, California
17 de Julho – KUMBAA JAZZ CLUB, Santa Cruz, California
19 de Julho – DIZZY’S JAZZ CLUB – San Diego, California
21 de Julho – CATALINA JAZZ CLUB, Los Angeles, California

Patricia Talem é parte da nova geração de talentos da música brasileira. Convive com o mundo da música e dança desde jovem. Seu recente cd foi gravado em Los Angeles, lançado no Brasil, e logo nos Estados Unidos.

Esta será sua primeira turné nas duas costas Americanas, onde irá mostrar sua música com um quarteto composto de musicos como Sandro Albert, guitarra; Onaje Allan Gumbs, piano; Michael O’Brian, contrabaixo; e Marco da Costa, bateria.

Seu cd de lançamento “Patricia Talem” recebeu excelentes comentários positivos da critica especializada, como um dos melhores lançamentos de 2009. Produzido por Sandro Albert e Marco da Costa, contou com a participação de musicos do cenário de jazz americano como Russell Ferrante, pianista e Jimmy Haslip, baixista do grupo Yellowjackets, Sandro Albert, guitarrista e Marco da Costa, bateria. Tambem contou com convidados especiais como Elder Costa; acordionista Caçulinha e saxofonistas Katisse Buckingham e Keco Brandão.

A concepção desse cd é marcada por composições inéditas. Duas geracões de compositores brasileiros como: Flávio Venturini, Alexandre Blasifera, Renato Motha, Patricia Lobato, Keko Brandão, Jairzinho, Elder Costa, Marcelo Pompeu, Rita Altério, Pedro Altério, Sandro Albert e releituras de Rita Lee e Roberto de Carvalho (Só de você), Chico Buarque e Vinicius Cantuária (Ludo Real) além de uma versão brasileira de Pedro Baldanza de ‘Stela by Starlight’. Em uma das faixas em inglês, Patricia canta um dueto com o cantor Arnold McCullen, uma canção do compositor canadense Ron Sexsmith.

Patricia possue uma bela voz, canta com alegria e enfrenta a melancolia. Sua intuição e estilo de intrepretação e seu balanço entre a sofisticação e o espírito pop a fazem um talento único cheio de paixão e desejo.

* * * *

Patricia Talem at Iridium Jazz Club, Thursday, July 2, 2009 ... reserve soon


about Jo Black ...

Bolomba Stylee singer Jo Black Sekou, hails from the Cote D’Ivoire and is the brother of pioneering and acclaimed singer/composer, Ismael Isaac. He comes from the Treichville quarter of Abidjan. His "big country style" music is a fusion of African reggae roots, dancehall and traditional West African sounds.

Jo Black speaks and sings in English, French and Spanish and his mothertongue, Mandingo, and he also expresses himself in other dialects like Malinké, Bambara and Dioula. After his experience with the Bolomba roots in Gambia (from 1986 to 1993), his youthful spirit became a richer soul and full of hope, he began to explore all musical horizons.

His desire to sing came naturally and he became conscious of it only when seeing Ismael Isaac take life into his own hands. In reality, the good work of his brother inspired several young men from Ivory Coast and even from West Africa.

In 1999, Jo Black collaborated with Ivory Coast top names in music like Hamed Farras, Babou Chico and Kady Dosso. He began composing songs for an album as singer/songwriter. 1999 was also the year when Jo Black reached America and began to recognize the need and the opportunity to help build a better world through his music and the issues that he raises. Jo Black’s creative process is also influenced by Lucky Dube, Alpha Blondy, Bob Marley and more recently, many reggaeton artists.

His lyrical focus is on love, peace, solidarity for all people and on enhancing the reality and the image of African culture. Jo Black will be touring Germany this summer to promote his CD and title track I'M SO GLAD and his original hits like Sennecla and Diarabi.

* * * *

I'm So Glad



about Lala ...

Like so many other great musical talents, Brooks began by singing gospel in church. At age seven she and her ten other siblings formed the Little Gospel Tears in their native Brooklyn. At 12, she was discovered in her after school program at P.S. 73 by the mother of one of The Crystals (they already had a hit with “There’s No Other Like My Baby”). The school secretary was passing by the music room when she heard Brooks singing. With one of the five Crystals already set to leave the group, Brooks was tapped to take her place as a lead singer. And so in 1960, at the tender age of 13, the touring began. The hardest part was playing the segregated South, Brooks recalls. In 1963, the Dick Clark Tour was integrated, with such headliners as the Supremes, the Shirelles, Bobby Rydell and Fabian, to name a few. The white performers stayed at the Sheraton, and the black performers stayed at black motels. “Dick Clark would have to pick us up with the bus on the highway. He was a sweetheart. He felt bad. It made me upset as a teenager because I wasn’t raised that way. My mother never taught us the difference between black and white,” says Brooks. Brooks’ mother was full-blooded Native American, and her father was black. But Brooks can look back at that era and keep it in perspective. “Racism made me angry, but the anger turned into something positive because I would meet white people who weren’t like that, and people that were black who were negative in their way,” she says. She credits that experience for making her strong. But she stayed out of trouble and harm’s way on tour through a steely resolve rare in someone that age. “I always thought, ‘What would my mother say?’ I thought God was going to punish me. I was afraid of being bad and doing things wrong. I saw lots of people lose their minds, have nervous breakdowns, succumb to drug abuse. I’m not saying that show business was the cause, but it has an effect,” she says. “You can get caught up in it if you don’t have some kind of faith or reserve that makes you pull back. Show business is what it is. It is a business, and it’s a show, and you have to know when to get off the show. If I looked at show business as my whole being, I’d be out there too.” This was also the era of economic exploitation. After it passed through the hands of managers and others, the girls received only $75 a week, low even for those days. “But I got a soul and I got spirit,” says the Rock ’n Roll Hall of Famer. “Sometimes money doesn’t mean anything when you wind up a millionaire in rehab.” Brooks left the Crystals in 1965 to join the original Broadway cast of “Hair” and is the memorable voice behind “Aquarius.” She later appeared in “Two Gentlemen from Verona” with Raul Julia. She has toured with every major recording artist of the 60s and has made recordings or sung with the Neville Brothers, Bobby Womack, Isaac Hayes, Ben E. King and countless others. She and husband, drummer Idris Muhammad, were married for 35 years before they separated a few years ago. They raised four children and have three grandchildren. They lived in England from 1983 to 1990 and Austria from 1990 to 1997, where they both enjoyed successful careers. Brooks appreciated the European attitude towards music and age. “No matter how old you are, they still love your music. You can be an 80-year-old woman, and they would still hire you for some kind of venue. In America, they’d wheel you to a nursing home and tell you to sing for the old people,” she says with a mischievous laugh. Brooks now calls the East Village in Manhattan her home where she can be seen rocking New York City, mainly at the Cutting Room.

Lala Brooks at Harlem Alive


about Seleno ...

If the soul had an engine, it might sound like the amazing Hammond "B3" Organ. Seleno Clarke began his mastery of the instrument with its plugged in gospel feeling in the early 60's when organ ensembles were the rage, and pumped up soul jazz reverberated in the best Harlem clubs. With Leslie speakers to impart the organ's unique vibrato, "B3" artists not only inspired church goers to worship, but also night clubbers to jump up and dance.

Raised in the Washington D.C. and the Maryland area, Seleno first learned music from this grandfather, a professor at Lincoln University. Following this studies at Carver College where he focused on playing alto and tenor saxophone he decided to move to New York. In the 60s he made his living playing saxophone in all the clubs in the Harlem loop (including the Apollo) and downtown. Seleno and Kenny Dorham were two of the last artist to play the famous Minton's Playhouse

Throughout his career, Seleno's magnetism as a leader and entertainer has drawn many upcoming artists to play with him. Legends like the late Grant Green and stars like George Benson have also appeared frequently as special guests with Seleno's bands. The long list of other players who have played with him also includes Melvin Sparks, Jimmy Ponder, Jessie Hameen, Mark Whitfield and Russell Malone.Seleno tours with various exciting ensembles. For example, in October '96 when he bought his quintet to The Cork Jazz Festival in Ireland, Seleno's group was one of the most critically acclaimed, standing room only, encore playing smash hits of the festival.George Benson produced Seleno's quintet CD, "Diversity". This extraordinary recording expresses both the roots of his creative vision and his exhilarating contemporary sound, Seleno always chooses band members who are top-notch improvisers who are as in synch with Seleno's swinging groove as they are fresh in their solo concepts.

World class organ ensembles are rare on the music scene in the year 2002. The Hammond "B3" organ (no longer manufactured) has become and endangered species. Today, many organ players content themselves with digitally mastered sound. Seleno Clarke owns plays and handles the complex demands of a genuine Hammond "B3" Organ.

* * * *

Seleno at Harlem Alive

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